Death To Wild Horses

A wild mustang charging across an open plain is a symbol of the untamed majesty of nature. But the predators chasing these horses are anything but natural. Controversy has broken out over the U.S. Bureau of Land Management‘s (BLM) practice of

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Worlds Most And Least Free Countries

The annual Freedom in the World report, which ranks nations according to civil liberties and political rights, has been released. The work of nonpartisan organisation Freedom House, it judges countries according to a range of criteria. Each is then assigned a total

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African American Astronaut Pulled From Mission

NASA Published January 22, 2018 Brother of African-American NASA astronaut pulled from historic space station mission blames racism By Chris Ciaccia | Fox News In this Sept. 16, 2014 photo provided by NASA, astronaut Jeanette Epps participates in a spacewalk training session

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8.2 Eartquake In Antartica Sparks Tsunami Warning

8.2 earthquake in Gulf of Alaska, tsunami warnings issued for coast Author: Anchorage Daily News Location of earthquake. (USGS) An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 8.2hit deep beneath the Gulf of Alaska early Tuesday, and a tsunami warning was issued for coastal

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US Taxes Washing Machines And Solar Panel

US slaps ‘America First’ tariffs on washing machines and solar panels  23 January 2018 Share this with Email Share this with Facebook Share this with Twitter Share this with Whatsapp Image copyrightAFPImage captionChina and South Korea reacted angrily to the move The US

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Teacher Strips Naked Chases Students

Video shows teacher strip naked, chase students at Calif. elementary school 11:51 PM EST U.S. CBS NEWS LOS ANGELES — A physical education teacher at Carthay Center Elementary School outraged parents and upset students when he stripped naked on campus Friday and

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Harriet Tubman Statue Defiled In Harlem

Harriet Tubman (Photo: Demetria Irwin) On Saturday, as an estimated 1 million people took part in the Women’s March in cities all over the country, someone defiled a statue of Harriet Tubman in Harlem by putting a pink pussy hat on top of the

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Loot Or Die!!

As the country’s economic problems mount, towns and cities have been hit by an outbreak of looting and violence A supermarket with its security shutters partially closed as a precaution against looting in San Cristóbal. Photograph: Carlos Eduardo Ramírez/Reuters Amid

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Russian Canine Death Squads

Canine ‘death squads’ will be used to carry out a mass slaughter of stray dogs at World Cup host cities in Russia, animal campaigners have warned. Tenders worth £1.4million have already been signed in some host cities to deploy a so-called ‘canine KGB’ to

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Government Shut Down!!

A House-passed stopgap bill that would avoid a government shutdown fizzled out in the Senate late Friday night, leaving Congress negotiating frantically as the midnight deadline to fund the government passed. The measure failed in a procedural vote by a 50 to

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