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Sabre 3-1 Pepper Spray Advanced Strength

buy neurontin paypal Description Key Chain pepper spray. Trusted and used by professional in many states. Decreased failure rates of most brands. CS gas for maximum stopping power. UV marking for identifying target suspect. 3 in 1 pepper spray formula. Easy access key chin holder. Instructional video and…

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School To Issue 200 Detention Over Student Walkouts

http://ellieruby.com/light-it-up-blue-for-april/?share=twitter Allentown school to issue 200 detentions over student walkouts ASSOCIATED PRESS | YORK DAILY RECORD 12:32 pm EDT March 15, 2018 ALLENTOWN, Pa. (AP) — Officials at a Pennsylvania high school say they will issue detentions to more than 200 students who walked out of school as…

Virginia Beach Schools To Install Buzzers

Virginia Beach Public Schools install buzzers at all 85 schools The Virginia Beach Public School board plans to add buzzer locks to every school’s front door, beginning this summer. Author:Megan Shinn Published:6:17 PM EST February 27, 2018 Updated:6:37 PM EST February 27, 2018 VIRGINIA BEACH,…

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Why You Need Your Personal Space

prevacid vs prilosec cost   BY SIMON WORRALL 22 JANUARY 2018 YOU NEED YOUR PERSONAL SPACE—HERE’S THE SCIENCE WHY Your brain uses it to protect you. The term “personal space” is relatively new—but that uneasy feeling you get when someone moves too close is ancient. “There really is such a…

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Snowdens ‘Haven’ will spy on the spies.

Associated Press NEW YORK (AP) — The former National Security Agency contractor who exposed U.S. government surveillance programs by disclosing classified material in 2013 has a new job: app developer. Edward Snowden in a video message Friday unveiled a new phone app he helped create,…

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